Stubborn: Ingredients Of Success people

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods

Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss the main Ingredients Of Success people.

Which person in the world does not want to be successful in his life, does not want to win, does not want to touch the sky’s high. Every person wants to succeed, wants to win, wants to earn fame in his life. Every man tries to win, but also to succeed.

But do all win, all succeed? The answer will be mostly NO.

So now the question is, What is the reason? What is that? Due to which only a few people can Win, only a few people can achieve their destination.


The reason is called persistence. You cannot create history without stubbornness. Without stubbornness, you cannot reach the highs.

Here, stubbornness does not mean the stubbornness of children to get something. Stubborn means to achieve your destination by determining all your strengths and abilities, to achieve your destination, to achieve your goal, indomitable courage to win, unceasing.

The person who wins or reaches his destination is different from the rest. The winner insists on winning. The winner does not see anything else from his destination, apart from his victory.

As long as there is no insistence on reaching any destination, no one can be reached till that destination. You see any great person, see any successful person.

Today he insisted on himself to reach the place where he is, and due to that insistence, he has reached the heights. Whatever major change has taken place in the world, any major change has taken place, it is the result of someone’s insistence.

History is witness that whatever history has been composed to date, it has been created due to the insistence of someone. Then be it Milkha Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Usain Bolt, Ratna Tata, or Sardar Bhagat Singh.

Stubborn Personalities

Today I am presenting some such examples in front of you, who, despite many difficulties, many troubles, have created history with their insistence, have brought great change, touched the pinnacle of success.

1) Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph had polio in childhood. Doctors had clearly stated that this girl will never be able to walk in life. But Wilma dreamed of not running and insisted with herself that no matter what happens, one day I will become the fastest runner in the world.

Wilma started trying to walk slowly,  she falls then stand, fall again, stand up again, then fall several times, then stand up, she kept falling again and again and again, and she started walking and then running in connection with this fall.

 And then one day, this girl, who was suffering from polio in childhood, came out of all the difficulties and really became the fastest runner in the world by winning 3 gold medals in the Olympic competition.

Wilma did not make polio an excuse, neither described her dream as difficult, nor did she give up her stubbornness, fearing her difficulties and losing her troubles. Instead, with her stubbornness, she made history by fighting all the challenges, making the impossible and became the fastest runner in the world.

2) Thomas Alva Edison

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The talent of about 1200 invention American scientist Thomas Alva Edison was not recognized even by his teacher. He considered Edison, who was lost in the world of imagination day and night, to be retarded. On this basis, he was expelled from school.

Born into a poor family, Edison lived by selling newspapers on the train. Hundreds of his efforts failed when he invented the electric bulb. People mocked him a lot and advised him not to do so in the future. Still, he did not give up.

He insisted to himself that he would believe by inventing the electric bulb. Edison was sure of his efforts. That is why he stood firm.

It is not easy to stick to your words, but the truth of whose intentions, no power of the world can bow to it. He finally changed the whole world by inventing the light bulb and became a great scientist.

3) Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders had to struggle a lot in his life. He sometimes had to work in Steam Boat, sometimes had to work as an Insurance Salesman, and sometimes as a Fireman in the railroad. Before the introduction of KFC, about 1000 people rejected their chicken.

Then he was stubborn that one day he will present his recipe to the whole world. Only seventh pass Colonel Saunders had no technical or professional degree, no higher education, no money nearby.

Yet despite being denied 1009 times by his insistence, he left all the struggles, troubles, disappointments at 62 years old At the age, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Restaurant Chain earned its name in the world by opening in many countries and touched the pinnacle of success.

In India, at the age (60 years) of which people retire and live a comfortable life, Colonel Saunders introduced KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) at a much older age (62 years) and proved to the whole world that If you have the passion and will and stubbornness to do something in yourself, then you can touch the sky highs by crossing all the restrictions of life.

Today, KFC has 18875 outlets in 118 countries.

4) Jack Ma

Jack Ma Founder Of Alibaba failed 2 times in the 5th and 3 times in the 8th. The Harvard University of America had refused to give him admission for graduation about 10 times.

He applied for about 30 jobs and was rejected in all. Once he K.F.C. I had also applied in 25, then a total of 25 people had applied, out of which 24 people got selected and these alone were rejected.

Despite failing so many times and being rejected, they did not lose courage. They did not disappoint. He insisted to himself that one day he will touch the sky’s highs.

And with this stubbornness and positive thinking, he started the website. Today, the website of attracts 100 million customers daily.

Today, there are approximately 34985 employees in the Alibaba Group. And Alibaba’s market value is $ 231 billion and Jack Ma has assets of $ 24.1 billion (Rs 130800 crore / Rs 1300 billion). Today he is the wealthiest person in China and the second wealthiest person in Asia.

For your information, let me tell you that there is a total of 48 countries in Asia. That is the second wealthiest person in 48 countries. India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani is at number four in this list.

Friends, when stubbornness comes in the man, then no difficulty, no trouble, no failure can stop him. The stubborn person leaves what he wants, only after finding his destination, he dies. The stubborn person sees his goal, only his destination.

There is a proverb “where there’s a can there’s a way” If you want something, then you will start making your own way to get it. Therefore, insist on whatever you do or want to do in your life. Stubbornness can be anything like: –

If you are a student then insist on bringing good numbers.

If you are preparing for an exam, then insist on clearing it in one go.

If you do business then insist on getting your business to the top.

If you are a writer or write a blog, then insist on getting your blog to the top.

If you like a game, then insist on being a top player.

If you like the song then insist on being the top singer.

If you want to become a doctor, then insist on becoming a doctor of the top.

If you are an engineer or want to become one then insist on becoming an engineer of the top.

Meaning that insists on reaching the top in any area you are in, or any area you want to go to. No matter how many difficulties come, no matter how many adverse circumstances occur, do not give up your stubbornness, do not give up your dreams, but achieve your destination by strengthening your stubbornness, achieve your goal.

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– Sahil Sharma

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