Mind mapping and it’s exclusive techniques for students

Mind mapping is a simple way to organize your thoughts in order through mapping. But there are different types of mind mapping for various subjects. So you should learn the techniques of using this tool effectively in your life.

Advantages of Mind Mapping

Simply Mind map is a path where you can think about your thinking.

  • It helps to turn your thoughts into proper visualization, which gives you motivation.
  • The mind map gives you an exact direction of what you want to do.
  • You can easily manage your time through proper mind mapping. That means you can protect yourself from wasting time.
  • One thing to remember is that “A goal without a plan is just a wish” so here mind maps help to create a proper planning design so that you can reach your goal within a specific time.
  • clear vision can always empower you. As a result, you are still energetic.
  • You can prepare a mind map of an entire subject and connect the dots between each concept which increases your power of memorization.
  • For a student, You can also compare different formulas on only one page. And at the time of the exam, you can revise all the concepts at a glance.
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Mind map ideas for students

There are no proper techniques for mind maps because you can draw a picture in your mind with your style. But still, some ideas that you can add to your matters on a single page.

Hand made mind-map.

Here you need nothing but only a single paper and pen or pencil. You can build a central idea. After that, you should create different branches as shown on the image. Try to connect a link among all the things on that single page. You also can use different colours of pens to make them beautiful and attractive for your own. 

2.Study map.

You can create a study map in-front of your study table. The study is a simple mind map where you can link between many concepts and chapters. You can set up a study sheet full of formulas in a proper sequence so that you can remember it easily. 

As an example, for a science student, it is much more difficult to memorize all the concepts before a competitive exam such as jee advance, jee main, NTSE. Because the syllabus is vast. And you need to concise and build a gist where this study map is too active and recommend it for all the students for a brilliant result.

3.Long term mind-map.

Life is not a destination. It is a journey, and we all create proper planning for the next trip. So why not here? Try to create a long term vision which gives inspiration instead of instant motivation and keeps you all the time energetic. 

Simply Observe the lifestyle of successful people. They are not different, but they are doing different things. They always keep a proper realistic plan or map to reach his goal. So you also make a long term mind-map. Make a career graph on a single sheet which guides along with your career.

 Here I share my view that when you create a long term map, you should use a pencil because you can change at any time of life when your situation will change.

mind mapping, mind map ideas for students, mind mapping techniques

How to make mind maps

According to the research paper of the University of Adelaide firstly, you must need a central theme or a controlling point. Here are some aspects of that research paper – how do I get started with mind mapping? 

1) Place the central theme/main idea or controlling point in the centre of your page. You may find it easier to place your page on the side, in landscape orientation, which is easier for drawing purposes.

 2) Use lines, arrows, speech bubbles, branches and different colours as ways of showing the connection between the central theme/main idea and your ideas which stem from that focus. The relationships are essential, as they may form your essay paragraphs.

3) Avoid creating an artistic masterpiece. You should draw quickly without significant pauses or editing. Chances are, your first idea was excellent, and you placed that idea in the direction or on the branch you thought made the most sense. It is essential in the initial stages of mind mapping to consider every possibility, even those you may not use. 

4) Choose different colors to symbolize different things, e.g. you may choose blue for something you must incorporate in your paper, black for other good ideas, and red for the things you need to research or check with your tutor/lecturer. Your method is entirely up to you, but try to remain consistent so that you can better reflect on your mind map ideas for students at a later stage. 

5) Leave some space on your page. The reason for this is that you can continue to add to your diagram over some time. If A4 sized paper feels too small, you may like to use A3. 

Mind mapping easy techniques for students

  1. You must build one or two central ideas.
  2. Create so many branches from the central idea to other subjects and make a link.
  3. Try to make yourself beautiful and attractive with your creativity. As an example, you can use different colors of pens.

6 Basics types of a mind map techniques

  1. Brace map
  2. Treemap
  3. Circles map
  4. Bubble maps
  5. Multiflow maps
  6. Flow chart

But you don’t think about types of mind maps. It is your own choice of how to make a mind map. It gives you an idea for mind mapping. You can mix up all types on a single mind map. So it depends on you. Create an attractive mind map to express your thought in an organized way.

Now it is the era of technology. So you can also take the help of different mind mapping tools on google. Here you can get a lot of features to create a map with creativity. Creating a mind map using technology is an excellent option instead of the pen-paper mode.

Free mind mapping tools.

Here some tools are given, you can click on the word to go to their website.

  • Coggle. Go  
  • Brainstorming tool. Go
  • Ayoa Mind mapping. Go
  • mind map. Go
  • Mind Meister. Go

Lastly, it is said that mind mapping techniques are so useful, which can reduce your labor and it indicates that you are doing smart work instead of hard-working. No other techniques are as powerful as mind maps in respect of goal visualization .so it is high time to create mind maps and move a one step ahead of your dream success.

Author – Arijit Ghosh

Arijit owner of lifecareers.in. He is a student, writes various information about careers to guide those people who are confused with their life & careers. He is a scholarship holder of Indian scholarship exams. (NMMSE district topper, NTSE stage 1 qualified -as academic achievement.)

FAQs on Mind mapping ideas for students

Mind mapping can be used for developing wbss using which approach?

Mind mapping can be used for developing WBSs using the top-down or bottom-up approach.

How do i create a mind map in powerpoint?

There are 2 ways to make a mind map in PowerPoint.
1) Using the SmartArt graphics – Hierarchy or other graphics that look like a mind map.
2) Using basic shapes like rectangle, circle, and rhombus and connect them with lines.

How to create a mind map in word?

Points to make an efficient Mind Map:
1) Have the main idea in the center of the page.
2) Always draw curious lines.
3) Make the lines length equal to the space taken to write the idea/trigger words.
4) Make it colorful.
5) Always draw something extra on the line.

How to create a mind map in word?

At the time of doing mind map, you can use lots of tools. In online, you will have a lots of free tools. But if you want to use the mind map using Microsoft words, you can create the mind map without using any tools.

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