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How to study

How to Study

Midterms and finals are just around the corner, and the stress of studying can seem like a villain terrorizing the city. How to study smart when staring at pages of notes for hours with nothing seeming to stick, finals season can be a very stressful one. Exam preparation tips while teachers have taught the material, they never seem to teach how to retain it. Flip Side is here to help with five studying tips to help teens ace their finals. How to study:-

1) Actually study

This step itself seems pretty unnecessary, but it’s probably the most important one. Procrastination is a teenage fault and a test preparation supervillain. Set a specific time to study every night for a short period, like about a half-hour of studying every night at 7. This routine will help keep you on the path of studying and make it harder to procrastinate until later, which normally translates to never. These small intervals for a long period of time can battle being overwhelmed and stressed.

2) Highlight and rewrite

Go through and highlight anything from the study materials that aren’t sticking as well as the rest of the material. Get out a separate sheet of paper and begin writing down everything in the material that is highlighted. Finally, Writing things down can be a good helping hand in the memorization process, and only writing down the highlighted sections helps save time by not writing things that you already remember. Repeat this process as the week goes on, and by the time of the big test, there should be very little left to rewrite.

3) Flashy-flash cards

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If highlight and rewrite don’t sound super, flashcards may be a better flight path. Therefore Go through the study material and write down things that are harder to remember onto the colored cards. Group similar ideas onto similar colors. How to study smart by looking at one side and guessing the other, and then go back with the other side. As you start getting the answers correct over and over, set those cards aside and focus on the ones that you aren’t getting quite as well.

4) With great studying comes great snacks

As the studying process goes on, it can seem very tiring and lengthy, and quitting entirely begins to look sweet. To avoid this, set out things that are even sweeter: candy. With Halloween right before this season, candy is discounted at many stores, so pick up a bag and set it aside. Reward yourself with little pieces for small victories, i.e. studying for 30 minutes or getting a hard question correct. How to study smart if studying is going for longer than an hour, make sure to allow yourself some free time for about ten minutes every once in a while. Remember, even Batman took breaks.

5) Follow-through

While all of these are terrific tips, only using them in one study session may not yield the desired results. So, Make sure to keep studying and reviewing for the test for all of the days leading up to it. The Teen Titans didn’t only save the city once, and studying once isn’t going to save a grade.

With these tips, studying for finals and a variety of other tests should be a little easier and less stressful. Add them to your routine for a super study the end instead of a stressful speedy scan. Soon, you will be looking back at your test saying, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it was an easy A.”

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Get Set Go!!!

The student is the backbone of the country. So, how to study smart they have the responsibility for the development of the country as well as for themselves to achieve success. Here are the points that every student considered.

1) Don’t waste your time

As we all know time is precious but after that, time to time we are involved in the things that do not contribute to our goal and success. Time suddenly reached when an exam is going to take in the school. So, we regret at that time what we have done. Avoid wasting your time. Write a to-do list and work on it. Complete your work on time give you more confidence and perform well in the exam.

2) Don’t engage in social media

Social media are not bad but engaging for a long conversation with a friend or stranger steal your time and take away from your goal. Exam preparation tips your mind is so divided by the conversation that you think upon that does not have a direct relationship with that. Listen, social media are virtual life and not real. Certainly, it does not beneficial to you in the long run.

3) Don’t hold mobile phones too much

Nowadays mobile hacks everyone. If you have a mobile then for every 15 minutes interval you must touch it at least 2 or 3 times and see the notification for no reason. And once you open it, it takes away from one app to another and one website to another again with no reason and thus distracts from the list of work for that day.

4) Don’t do parties for every reason

All the students have thirst for the parties for every reason like birthdays, festivals, 10 or 7 days holidays, summer vacation and winter vacation, new purchases, new gifts or even boyfriend-girlfriend patch-up and so on. exam preparation tips.

These reasons steal away your precious time and money. For every ideal student, they also do parties and enjoy to the fullest but return home early when others are engaging in their party activities because they know their limit. And know where to focus.

5) Don’t be careless

Most of the students work in a careless manner as in hurry and absence minded just to complete homework or project without learning which is the great mistake what they do.

Conclusion: how to study

Best Tips For How To Study
Believe Yourself you can Do IT

How to study smart in your homework, there are great things to learn that an average student does not want to do. So, you have a new concept to learn through these projects and homework. Also in subjects like mathematics and accounting where the calculation is all the things but they (student) do it with careless effort irritating themselves by doing a repetition of the same question. Moreover, do calculations carefully which saves a lot of time and effort. exam preparation tips.

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