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What is exam anxiety?

How to overcome exam anxiety:- Exam anxiety management is a type of execution anxiety, a sensation that a person may experience in a situation where performance matters a lot or there is great pressure to do things right. For example, a person may experience execution anxiety when going out to perform in the play at the end of the year, to sing a solo on a stage, to get on the platform to dive into the diving pool or to do an interview important.

How to overcome exam anxiety management; panic; stress; depression

As in any other situation where a person may experience execution anxiety, on an exam, anxiety can cause him to feel a lump in his throat, his stomach turns, his stomach hurts, or he has a headache. tension. Some people shake and / or sweat their hands, and their heart beats faster than normal while they wait for the exam to be handed out. A student with very strong test anxiety may vomit and may even faint.

Anxiety about exams cannot be confused with doing a bad exam because you have your head somewhere else. Most people know that having other things on their heads, such as a sentimental breakdown or the death of a loved one, can interfere with their concentration and prevent them from doing a test well.

What causes it?

All kind of anxiety is a reaction to the anticipation of something stressful. Like any other anxiety reaction, test anxiety affects both the body and the mind.

When a person is under stress, their body releases a hormone called adrenaline, which prepares them to react to danger. This is what causes bodily symptoms, such as sweat, strong chest beats and accelerated breathing. Meanwhile, these sensations can be mild or intense.

What can you do?

Exam anxiety management can become a real problem when a person becomes so stressed by taking an exam that he cannot control the nerves to focus on the exam questions and give the most of himself. However, feeling prepared to face the challenge can help keep test anxiety at a manageable level.

How to overcome exam anxiety management; stress; panic depression
  • Use some stress in your favor.  Stress is the warning mechanism of your body: it is a signal that helps you prepare for something important that is about to occur. Use it for your own benefit. Instead of reacting to stress by intimidating, complaining or complaining about the exam with your friends, take an active approach. Let the stress remind you to study the exam well in advance. Most likely, this will prevent stress from dominating you and making you lose control of the situation. After all, no one gets stressed with thoughts about how well an exam is going to do.
  • Ask for help.  Although a little anxiety can be a positive thing, an overdose is another song. If, when they give you the exam, you get so nervous that your mind goes blank and you forget the answers you knew, you probably need help to control your exam anxiety management. Your teacher, your tutor or your school counselor can be important for people to talk to if you have trouble controlling your anxiety on exams.
  • Prepare the exam well.  Some students believe that all they need to do the exams well is to attend class. But, to learn a subject, it takes much more than to rely on absorbing all the information in class. That is why good study habits and good study techniques are so important; Accelerated study the night before the exam does not allow to obtain the deepest level of understanding achieved by investing time in a subject by studying it regularly.
  • Many students find that their anxiety about exams decreases when they begin to study better or more regularly. It makes sense, the better you know the matter, the safer you will feel. Having confidence in yourself when taking an exam means you will expect to do well. If you expect to do well, you will be more relaxed while taking the exam after the first moments of nervousness.
  • Control your thoughts.  If expecting to do a test well can help you relax, what will happen when you expect that you will not do it well? Look at any negative message you may be sending yourself about the exam. These types of messages can contribute to your anxiety.
  • If you realize that you are having negative thoughts (“I am not good at exams” or “If I fail this exam, I am fatal”), replace them with positive thoughts. Of course, do not replace them with positive messages that are not realistic, but with practical and true messages, such as: “I have studied and know the subject, so I am prepared to do my best.”
  • Accept your mistakes.  Another thing you can do is try to relativize the mistakes you make, especially if you are very perfectionist and tend to be very critical and very hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and you may have heard from your teachers or coaches that mistakes are “learning opportunities.” Learning to tolerate minor mistakes, such as the problem you did wrong in the math surprise test, is a very valuable skill.
  • Beware.  It can help you a lot to learn ways to calm down and relax when you are tense or anxious. Some people will just need to learn breathing exercises. If you practice these types of exercises regularly (when you are not stressed), your body will learn to see those exercises as a signal to relax.
  • And, of course, if you take care of your health, for example, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthy before the test, you will help your mind to perform at its best.
  • Everything takes time and practice and learning to overcome exam anxiety management is no different. Although it is not something that will disappear overnight, coping with and learning to control test anxiety will help you learn to manage stress, which can end up being a great help in many others. situations, apart from exams.
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Is it possible to master exam anxiety?

Many strategies can reduce test anxiety and improve your performance on exam day.

A little nervousness about an exam is normal and can help sharpen the mind and focus attention. But in the case of exam anxiety, feelings of worry and insecurity can interfere with your exam performance, and make you feel very bad. How to overcome exam anxiety management can affect anyone, whether you are an elementary or high school student, a college student or an employee who must go through an exam to get promoted or certified.

How to overcome exam anxiety management; stress; panic depression; telepathy
Here are some strategies that can help you reduce test anxiety:
  • Learn to study effectively. Your school may offer study skills classes or other resources that can help you learn study techniques and test strategies. You will feel more relaxed if you systematically study and practice the material that will be on the exam.
  • Study with time and in similar places. It is much better to study little by little and with time than to study everything at once. In addition, spending time studying in the same places you have an exam, or similar, can help you remember the information you need at the time of the exam.
  • Establish a constant routine prior to the exam. Therefore, learn what you find useful and take the same steps every time you prepare for an exam. This will reduce the level of stress and help you make sure you are well prepared.
  • Talk to the teacher. Make sure you understand what will be assessed in each exam and find out how to prepare. Also, tell the teacher that you feel anxious every time you have an exam. It can make suggestions to help you succeed.
  • Learn relaxation techniques. To help you stay calm and confident before an exam and during this exam, practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, relaxing your muscles one at a time or closing your eyes and imagining positive results.
  • Do not forget to eat and drink. Your brain needs fuel to function. On exam day, eat and drink lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks, such as soda, which can cause blood sugar to reach a maximum and then drop, or caffeinated drinks, such as energy drinks or coffee, which can increase anxiety.
  • Get some exercise. Regular aerobic exercise and exercise on the day of the exam can relax tensions.
  • He sleeps a lot. The dream is directly related to academic performance. Especially, preteens and teenagers need uninterrupted and regular sleep. But adults also need to sleep well at night to have optimal work performance.

How to beat exam anxiety

As a teacher, I often witness the disastrous effects of examination anxiety. Some of my bright students who answer all my questions with gusto in the relaxed setting of a classroom, including complicated ones, crumble unwittingly during tests. As a result, these otherwise intelligent kids always get poor grades.

During adolescence, many students report such anxiety. Therefore, According to Jerrell C. Cassady, an American educational psychologist and editor of the book, Anxiety in Schools, test anxiety affects up to 40 percent of all students. Certainly, “Research on test anxiety has demonstrated negative correlations with IQ; course performance in math, statistics, reading, foreign language, science and psychology; study skills and abilities; problem-solving skills; and basic memory process,” he writes how-to overcome exam anxiety management.

A study found that 13 percent of all undergraduate students in Germany seek counseling for test anxiety. Unfortunately, while the problem is widely recognized in India, students rarely seek any help. Dr. Subhrangsu Aditya, a psychiatrist attached to the Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self Development at Jadavpur University in Calcutta, says anxiety before tests or any other crisis in life arises out of apprehension or imagined fear of negative consequences.

stress; panic depression

Moreover, the students who seek relief from their exam anxiety management are usually offered a combination of psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medication. An increasing number of college students are also turning to neuro-enhancing drugs, such as prescription stimulants, to reduce test anxiety. However, the use of such drugs is a concern for safety, especially when it targets an adolescent with a still-developing brain.

Placebos have long been used to alleviate symptoms of a variety of ailments, including pain, insomnia, and irritable bowel syndrome. How placebos work is unclear but it is thought to relate to the relationship between the body and the mind. Some experts have shown that even though it seems to be all in the mind, there are measurable physical changes in the body caused by a placebo, such as a rise in hormones that ease depression.

Exam Anxiety Article

Conventional placebo treatment, however, requires some deception because people receiving the treatment are told that they are getting active treatment. That is why the administration of placebo is considered somewhat unethical.

But the experiment conducted by Schaefer and his team involved the application of a different type of placebo — called open-label placebo (OLP) — in which the recipients are informed that they are having a dummy medicine. Therefore, How to overcome exam anxiety management in the study, the scientists chose 58 university students sitting end-term exams.

Half were given a placebo for a fortnight and told there were no active substances. But they were also told that placebo effects could be powerful and that the body may respond automatically. Despite knowing the pills were fake (the tablets contained sugar, wheat, cornstarch, and glucose syrup), students reported they had reduced anxiety about the test.

The researchers can’t explain why the students’ anxiety decreased even when they were aware that they were taking placebos. Their conjecture is that since the students were told that the placebo could work wonders, it was enough to give them confidence and reduce their fears about the test. Taking the pills each day at a designated time also may have encouraged participants to think about test anxiety and may have provided a sense that they were doing something positive to address their problem.

Dr. Aditya stresses that positive thinking is the key to handling anxiety. He says, “To boost confidence one must prepare in a planned manner well in advance.” He advises students to not consume bland food but happily gives in to their craving for spicy food such as chicken pakoras and fish fries. How to overcome exam anxiety “Proteins have amino acids that activate neurotransmitters or chemical messengers in the brain supposed to transmit signals from one neuron to another.” In other words, it keeps the brain active and charged to carry on its work.

The bottom line is that it is better to keep your brain fit than take empty pills to boost your confidence. How to overcome the exam anxiety.

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